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CareFree Write Publishing is currently producing the original graphic novel series AU. Can people with extraordinary abilities exist in an ordinary world? Are these powers a burden or a blessing? And what of the clandestine entities known as The Project and SINON? Who are these people living AMONG US?

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Police Detective Kathleen "Kath" Rothschild's investigation of a jewel robbery leads her to "The Project," a mysterious organization with their eyes set on the strange and unusual. Part 1 of 2.

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Kath must protect John Pryor from "The Project." Part 2 of 2. 

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Picking up days after the events of Issues 1&2, we are introduced Sean, Joanne, Roxanne, and Hugo. Each of them discovers a new ability. Part 1 of 7.


As Joanne, Roxanne, and Sean learn more about their new powers, we learn more of Iris and Isaac's past. Also, Hugo believes he is not alone. Part 2 of 7.


Sean comes face-to-face with his future. Hugo discovers a new ally. Joanne and Roxy's powers begin the challenge their friendship. Part 3 of 7.

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