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The unnecessarily complicated history of CareFree Write.

It began as The Carefree Writers Association, a small website for writers created in the late 90s by brothers Matthew and Mack Duncan. It published almost nothing, got no traffic, and was too expensive to maintain.

By 2000, Mack Duncan had ventured into film making, reshaping the CWA name into CareFree Write Productions. As a film production entity, CareFree Write Productions produced such short films as Menagerie of Space and the award winning ALONE, as well as the web series Vincent and Me. This entity would eventually expand to other art events, becoming the production umbrella over The Phoenix Improv Festival and The Torch Theatre.

The Torch is now its own 501c3 and no longer under the flag of CareFree Write Productions.

The summer of 2019 saw the establishment of CareFree Write Enterprises, an independent company overseeing CareFree Write Productions and CareFree Write Publishing.

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